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Satin Patch Sheets, are a must-have for your babies bald spots.  They are specialty sheets made for your crib or toddler beds to provide a moisture barrier against dry scalp and hair breakage. Let Debbie Debeaux’s Satin Patch Sheets provide comfort and care for your babies beautiful hair.

Debbie Debeaux created custom luxury baby sheets to help you stop the dreaded bald patch that so many babies develop.  It is widely known and pediatricians have noted that constant lying on cotton will cause friction, which leads to frizzy hair, dry hair, and hair that will then break off and render a bald patch.  We saw a need and we filled it.  The idea to protect babies hair started 24 years ago with my own babies; however, according to today's standards my make shift protectors were not safe.  Today I have perfected the style and used them on my grandchild with much success.  


You won't find these Satin Patch Sheets anywhere but at Debbie Debeaux and we are beyond excited to bring them to you!


Sweet Dreams!


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